Saturday, 24 March 2012

Grammar Essentials for age 5 - 6

Grammatical awareness
Nouns, verbs, pronouns, prepositional words
·        use capital letters for start of their own names
·        Write captions and labels for pictures
·        Write sentences to match pictures or sequences of pictures using thinking-writing skills
·        Use correct sequence of movements to write letters

Punctuation to master:
Capital letter for names

Nouns, verbs, pronouns, prepositional words
Nouns-  special names begin with capital letters
Describing words (make sentences more interesting)
More (-er) most (-est)
Verbs regular  past tense (-ed)
Did/ done (has)
Adverb (-ly)
Plurals (s, es)
Articles a and an
Teach: form simple sentences with one verb
Capital letter for names
Capital letter for start of  a sentence
Capital letter for personal pronoun I
Capital letter for personal titles (Mr, Mrs)
Use full stop for ending sentences
Use question marks for questions (what, where, when, why, how?)
Punctuation to master:
. ?

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