Some Activities to complete

·look at this picture, write a description of what is happening, describe what the people are doing.
·Write questions you would like to ask the characters.

·Write a positive sentence about the picture scene and then turn this into a negative form. Write six sentences altogether.

·Look at this picture, what questions do you think the man is asking the woman, what do you think her answer is to each? Use the answers to write a short paragraph of the answers.

·  Travel back in time to this period. Write a post card home using verbs in the past simple (arrived) (was/were).

·look at this scene, write about what was happening and where it was happening, using the past continuous tense.
Group of Football Fans Clip Art

·Ask the people some questions about what they were doing, using past simple and past continuous tenses.

·Review: ask this girl questions about herself - name, age, live, study, job, hobbies, last holiday, do on holiday, likes, pets, etc?

·use her responses to write some information about her.

·write a conversation between these characters using present or past verb forms.

·Look at the picture of the Park, the dogs are being taken for walks by their owners, write a  paragraph on why it is 'Important to walk your dog' or  a leaflet on 'How to keep your dog healthy'.

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